Dog Licensing

Benefits of licensing your dog - What's in it for Fido?

RRUFF asks all pet owners to license their dogs. It is a State of California law that all dogs age four months and older be properly licensed in their city or county. Unlicensed dogs may not be able to play, socialize and exercise at the new off-leash dog park if it is discovered the dog is not properly licensed.

The process of obtaining a dog license is easy. Dog license applications are available online at The Rocklin Police Department can also help you, and any RRUFF board member can assist you in obtaining your pooch’s license. You need your rabies certificate and spay/neuter certificate. You can purchase one or three year licenses. The fees are specified on the petdata website. If you don’t want to pay online, you can print and mail the application.

How do you and your dog benefit from having a license? We have all heard the reasons why people don't want to license their pets. If your dog is licensed, here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Should your pet become lost, the chance of being reunited is significantly increased. A dog license can be traced 24 hours a day, seven days a week by an on-call animal control officer.
  • Your pet will receive a longer stay at the animal shelter. It will not be put up for adoption or euthanized as quickly as an unlicensed dog.
  • If your dog is injured while it is out of your care, emergency veterinarian care will be provided. Licensing revenue assure owners that their licensed animal will be transported and receive medical attention.
  • Licensing also guarantees a dog has been inoculated against rabies. Without proof of vaccinations, people bitten by a dog would have to undergo a series of painful injections.
  • If a rabid animal is found in the area, licensed dog owners will be notified by animal control.
  • If a licensed dog is bitten by a skunk or a bat, the quarantine period will be limited to 30 days at the pet owner's residence. Unlicensed dogs face a six-month quarantine at an animal shelter. This could also result in the owner paying more than $3,000 in fees.
  • Licensing encourages the spaying and neutering of dogs through staggered fees. This differential is designed to encourage responsible pet ownership by lowering pet overpopulation, which results in overcrowding at shelters and the resulting euthanization of far too many animals.

Please be a responsible pet owner and purchase a license for your dog. Our animals give us unconditional love, so the least we can do is keep them as safe as possible so they can be with us as long as possible. Please, do the right thing for your best friend.

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