This program  is sponsored by matching dollars from

Sierra Ranch Pet Rehabilitation Center, Roseville, 

Healing Heroes is funding  Service Dog Training Classes for Disabled American Veterans enrolled at American River College.  Classes started  December 2, 2016 and are led by Terry Sandhoff, Master Trainer at 4Paws2Freedom  
 Our cost for each 6 month series of classes is $8,000 
Please consider donating today to help fund future classes
Congratulations to the following Healing Heroes Scholarship Recipients


Mabel Louie & Cuddles
Terry Fields & Bella
Shawn Moncalieri & Vito
Masao Terenski
Fernando Velez
Raymond Teichman & Bruce
Kahanu McCoy & Lucy
Kimberly Porter & Sugar
Joseph Grumwaldt & Leonitus  
Eddie Zamora & Roxy 
Richard Schmitz  & Roanne
Jared French
Teresa McFarland & Max 
Jorge Henry, Jr - Sierra College
Eric Theer &  Golden Retriever, Lilly - Sierra College
Diana Martinez - Sacramento, Ca
Tanya Mancini & Hershey

Graduation Pictures 2015-2016

Next Graduation - Saturday, March 11, 2017

RRUFF provides scholarships for  service dog training to disabled American Veterans. Our fundraising goals for this program are to provide scholarships to deserving veterans with PTSD and other invisible disabilities, to help them find a dog, and provide the training from puppy, to adult, to certification.

A limited number of scholarships are available.  If you plan to train with  4Paws2Freedom, submit your service dog training application to them before you apply for a scholarship. Their website is   If you use another trainer, please contact us directly at or call 916.435.0196.

Once you are approved for a training program, you can then apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded depending on the funding available. Maximum scholarship is $2,300. Partial scholarships are frequently awarded.

If you are a student at American River College, speak with Daniel in the Veterans' Center
for more information on the classes we fund at the college

If you or your business are interested in being a sponsor or a volunteer for the RRUFF Healing Heroes Program call Vicki Curtis at 916 435-0196 or click here


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